Oklahomans United for Life does not offer political endorsements per se, but candidates who received a perfect score on our survey are listed below. Please share this link with any candidate who might be interested.

Please note, we have not examined candidates to determine their views on other important issues such as the proper function of government, self-defense, parental rights, corporate welfare, taxation, etc. The following candidates received a perfect score on the OUL survey:

Senate District 7: Warren Hamilton

Senate District 31: Karmin Grider

Senate District 13: Carisa Roberson

House District 17: Shannon Rowell

House District 61: Kenny Bob Tapp

House District 33: Brice Chaffin

House District 83: Robert McMaster

House District 15: Angie Brinlee

Senate District 28: Christian Ford

House District 18: Brenda Angel

House District 1: Eric Ensley

Senate District 43: Kaity Keith